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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  March 7, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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(grant) new details tonight in a heart-breaking story in san jose. a mother and her two sons are found dead inside their apartment-- in what is being investigated as a murder suicide. and tonight-- people close to the family are searching for answers. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm grant lodes. (catherine) and i'm catherine heenan in for vicki liviakis. the motive is still not clear, and police have released very few details. kron four's rob fladeboe talked tostunned neighbors -- who have fond memoriesof the two young children who died.
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(grant) (grant) breaking news... former trump campaign chairman paul manafort has been sentenced to 47 months in federal prison. that's significantly less than the recommended 20 years. manafort was convicted last year on eight counts of tax
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and bank fraud related to his overseas work advising politicians in ukraine. federal sentencing guidelines call for a term of roughly 20 years... and instead got just less than four years. manafort also still faces sentencing in a separate case related to illegal lobbying. he is suffering from gout and said to be in overall poor health... he arrived in court in a wheelchair today. (catherine) developing news tonight... pg&e is again causing controversy. this time because it wants to give its employees bonuses. (grant) it's a controversial topic, because the utility has recently filed for bankruptcy, and it may be on the hook for billions of dollars for their role in california wildfires. kron 4's dan kerman is live at pg&e headquarters with more .... dan? in a recent filing pacific gas and electric has asked a federal bankruptcy judge to
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allow them to give out 235 million dollars in bonuses to thousands of employees, among them vice presidents and managers.sotmike danko is an attorney for thousands of california wildfire victimssot mike danko/attorney for wildfire victims :19in a statement pg&e says the "incentive plan prioritizes safety and operational excellence (and) ....provides appropriate incentives for our team members to help us achieve our safety and operational goals."sotwhile pg&e says the bonuses are based on a number of factors safety being number 1, danko says court documents indicate financial performance dominates over public safety in terms of getting a bonus
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(catherine) a big story we're following new steps are being taken to tackle a measles outbreak in washington state. 800 students are now being ordered to stay home from school to keep the disease from spreading. that's beyond the more than 70 cases already reported.
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there have been three confirmed cases here in the bay area...although local health officials do not expect a similar epidemic here.. kron four's maureen kelly explains. we've essentially prevented measles cases by having this law in place the communicable disease programs chief for the contra costa county heath department is talking about sb 277.....a california law penned by a pediatrician turned state senator that aims to keep fewer non vaccinated kids from entering the school system. it stripped away the personal belief now only kids with a medical reason can skip getting their shots before entering public and private schools....and even day care centers. contra costa county has seen an increase in the number of kids with vaccines entering kindergarten since the law went into affect in our county we see several hundred more children who are protected from vaccine preventable diseases, state wide that probably equates to
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thousands of children we're gonna be safer and healthier and won't become ill from a vaccine preventable disease the state department of health says 95% of california kindergartners have gotten their required shots since the law went into effect....that's the highest reported level on record. because measles is so contagious......the infectious diesease expert i talked to compared it to a wildfire...we want to you know protect people from the vaccine similar to the way we want drybrush because if there's a spark we can prevent it from spreading further and putting our community in danger and that's sort of what happens with measles when we have one case enough people around that case who are vaccinated no other cases will develop but if there are many other unvaccinated or susceptible people around that measles case been at measles outbreak is going to continue spreading it largercalifornia is only one of three states in the u-s allowing only medical exemptions to vaccines...the other two are mississippi and west virginia.maureen kelly kron4 news (grant) there was a huge show of
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support today-- as the tow trucking community in vallejo lost one of their own -- while he was on the job. today, 38-year-old james morris was rememebred by friends and family. kron four's philippe djegal has the story. (philippe) the countless lives touched by james morris evident by the caravan of tow truck drivers coming from all over the bay area... stretched down vallejo streets... honoring a 38-year-old man whose death carries heavy weight for those who know just how special he really was.jason bostian/best friend- "he'll be deeply missed, and uh, there'll be a hole in our hearts forever." born in vallejo, james lived in benicia. he was the co-owner of the family business wiler's tow... all of the people who carried his casket out of the hill church in vallejo thursday... knew him personally.jason
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bostian/best friend- "it's extremely difficult, uh, you know, i talked to him six, 10 times a day. uh, he'd come to my kids sporting events -- he was all into sports, and helping everybody out. it's a real tough time." james is survived by his high school sweetheart and wife of 20- years... and, their 11 and 14-year-old daughters.justin blankinship/childhood friend- "we just can't thank everybody enough -- the community, all the different, uh, tow companies, operators that are here to support, uh, james and his family." james lost his life on tuesday february 26th. he was hit by a driver who lost control on a wet highway 101 in sausalito... while he was parked on the side of the road helping a stranded justin blankinship/childhood friend- "as a owner, you know, he was still out operating, uh, uh, a tow recovery vehicle, and that just states who he is. not a lot of owners would still be out working, especially, uh, in the storms that we were having last week -- especially tuesday night."california highway patrol believes weather played a role in the crash. the driver involved is not suspected to have been influenced by drugs or alcohol. jason bostian/best friend- "i don't even have the word for it. about how grateful we are for the way everybody's came
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together in the tow community." justin blankinship/childhood friend- "these guys are out, working day and night, trying to help people. uh, when you see a tow vehicle on the side of the road, please slow down. move over. reduce your speed." the emergency road service coalition of america is accepting donations on the morris family's behalf. funds that will help ensure james' widow and kids continue living the full lives he worked so hard make happy. in vallejo, kron four news. (anchor1) (anchor1) taking a live look outside-- our sutro camera looking at the golden gate bridge. (anchor 2) time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: it was a mostly cloudy day with scattered showers. they became more widely scattered in the afternoon with even a few sunny breaks. the doppler radar is tracking more rain but most of it is light. showers will continue tonight but be widely scattered. on the satellite image you can see the jet stream is still south of the bay area. the storm door remains open and more wet weather is headed our way. tomorrow there is a
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slight chance of a few showers mainly near the coast. highs will be chilly in the upper 40s to mid 50s. another storm will bring rain to the bay area on saturday and maybe sunday. more rain is possible by next tuesday. (grant) coming up... a tough grilling on capitol hill today.. over data
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breaches. hear how the marriott c-e-o plans to keep your information safe. (catherine) what's on the menu... might not be what's on your plate. the new report about fish fraud-- and how consumers are getting ripped off. (grant) plus... a colorado father confesses to the murder of his wife and young daughters. the chilling new details he revealed to investigators toay
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"every time i see pictures of them, i don't know how this
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could happen ..."(grant)the colorado man convicted of killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters, delivers an emotional jailhouse confession.last month, state and federal law enforcement officials interviewed chris watts at the prison in wisconsin where he is serving a life sentence.for the first time.. he admitted strangling the little girls.we should warn you that some of the revelations in the interview are graphic. i wish that it would all go awaychris watts says his problems began with an affair with a co=worker.i know it's wrong to say i wish i'd never met somebody, but i wish i had, you know, maybe just met her at work and kept it that way.watts says while his family was on vacation last summer, he spent every night with the woman,then, last august 13th, his wife returned from a business trip.he told her he wantedto leave.she told him he'd never see his children again.he said he climbed on top of her in their bed and put his hands around her neck."it felt like time was standing still. it's kinda like i just saw my life just disappearing before my eyes,
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but i just -- like -- i couldn't let go. it's, like, some way i was like -- like if you picture somebody else around you, holding your hands, holding you, keeping you from not letting go."he then described a bizarre scene of the daughters accompanying him as he loaded his wife's corpse into their pickup truck and drove them to the oil company where he worked.he buried his wife in a shallow grave, then put a blanket over three year old cece's head and strangled her.after putting her body in an oil tank, he went back to the truck for four year old bella. she said, 'no, daddy,' and that's the last thing she said."watts says he hears those words ever day of his life.i look outside every day and i'm like - what could we be doing right now? you know... right now, i'd have a 5-year-old, a 3-year-old and a -- more than likely -- a 1- month-old son. and a beautiful wife. and i'm just like- right now, it's just me."
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(grant) shanann watt's family says they're hurting after learning these gruesome details..releasing a statement through their attorney, saying quote."the hardest thing was that bella was witness essentially to the disposing of her mother's body and the witness of the suffocation of her sister." (catherine) president trump's former lawyer michael cohen is suing the trump organization. in a lawsuit filed today - he claims the trump organization broke a promise to pay his legal bills. cohen says he's owed nearly 2 million dollarsto cover the cost of his defense. cohen was convicted of lying to congress and tax crimes.he's set to begin a three-year prison sentence in may. (catherine) today-- stephon clark's family helped lead a rally at the capitol in support of a proposed law that could change when police use deadly force. and police
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groups are responding. kron 4's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the latest. another day of demonstrations in sacramento in the name of stephon clark..."at the end of the day my brother's gone so.."clark's grandmother and brother.. front and center at a rally urging lawmakers to pass legislation that would restrict when officers can use deadly force.((stevenate clark - stephon clark's brother)) "to prevent anything like this from happening to anybody else's family, that's the best we can do."ab 392's main author assemblymember shirley weber says police know how to use restraint.. she pointed to the arrest of the man accused of the parkland high school mass shooting last year... ((assm. shirley weber d-san diego)) "anytime someone can kill 17 people in florida, which says they are a dangerous individual who not only has the means but the desire to take life, and they can be apprehended without any incident, speaks to the fact that our officers do know how to take individuals into control without having to take their lives."members of the group rallying thursday also urged the senator who authored the competing legislation to drop the bill."i think it's an
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emotional response right now, i understand it.."damon kurtz is a police officer and the vice president of the peace officers research association of california.... a group that helped develop the other use of lethal force legislation...sb230.their bill calls for police to have more mental health training and response teams, which he says is more effective than what ab392 proposes..((damon kurtz - peace officers research association of california)) "what are the circumstances leading up to use of force..many times its mental health, substance abuse, many times more than not that's the case so that's what senate bill 230 for mental health services to give law enforcement the tools to help us be more effective and hopefully to avoid use of force situations all together." ((ashley)) neither the governor nor the attorney general have taken a stance on either bill but both are calling for change. tag. (anchor) taking a live (anchor) taking a live look
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outside-- overlooking downtown san francisco. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: it was a mostly cloudy day with scattered showers. they became more widely scattered in the afternoon with even a few sunny breaks. the doppler radar is tracking more rain but most of it is light. showers will continue tonight but be widely scattered. on the satellite image you can see the jet stream is still south of the bay area. the storm door remains open and more wet headed our way. tomorrow there is a slight chance of a few showers mainly near the coast. highs will be chilly in the upper 40s to another storm will bring rain to the bay area on saturday and maybe sunday. more rain is possible by next tuesday.
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(catherine) still ahead... thousands are ticketed... but not many are paying up... how much money fare evaders are costing bart. (grant) plus... a popular hotel chain is apologizing after millions of its guests' personal data was stolen. why lawmakers say more companies could be at risk.
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(grant) (grant) tonight executives from two major companies say they're making changes after hackers stole their customer's data. (catherine) marriott and equifax both say hackers stole the personal information for millions of customers. but as kron 4's mark meredith reports...lawmakers say the companies must do a lot more to win back trust.. nat: "we deeply regret this incident..."the ceos of ls" and monitoring giant "equifax" apologized to lawmakers for recent data which hackers stole the personal data of literally hundreds of millions of customers... equifax ceo mark begor.mark begor / ceo, equifax"these attacks on us businesses are
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attacks on us consumers, and are attacks on america..." equifax says hackers accessed 143 million of its customers names, birthday's, and social security numbers.a senate report, released wednesday, accused equifax of neglecting cyber security issues for years.equifax's new c-e-o told lawmakers he's ready to make changes and spend at least a billion more on improving security."we deeply apologize" marriott says it's hack was even bigger--with 383 million accounts of its starwood brand potentially compromised worldwide... arne sorenson / ceo, marriott international "we're committed to determining it how it occured, supporting our affected guests, and enhancing security measures to protect against future attacks"lawmakers criticized both companies for not spotting the breaches sooner.delaware senator tom carper sen. tom carper / (d) delaware"the constant stream of data breach notifications, we see year in and year out, is a sign we can and should be doing a lot better"senator rob portman says both hacks prove congress needs to do more to address the crisis.sen. rob portman / (r) ohio"companies and government must take steps to better protect the data consumers trust to them...that is clear"portman says congress should also consider new laws to ensure consumers hacked...receive notification as soon as washington, i'm mark meredith.
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(grant) next at 5:30... a teen's quote was rejected from being printed in the yearbook... because it talked about coming out of the closet. hear from the a-c-l-u about the lawsuit they are now filing against the school district. (catherine) also - another teacher strike in the east bay is close to being averted. details on the tentative deal reached forteachers in san ramon.
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(cathernie) tonight at 5:30... kron4 is always tracking local stories. here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now. (grant) in the east bay... teachers in the san ramon valley unified school district have reached tentative agreement with the district ... possibly averting a strike. kron 4's sara stinson has more on the possible deal. negotiations went on for over 13 hours between the san ramon valley unified school district and its teachers and it was all worth it as they have a tenative agreement and they'll continue to bargain in the coming days. but this was the situation on friday -- when teachers sent a message to the san ramon valley unified school district


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